Andrew Whitmore

Andrew WhitmoreFrom reading other authors biographies, Andrew Whitmore believes he should have been born somewhere a little more exotic than the northwest suburbs Melbourne. He worked as a teacher and librarian for the best part of twenty years. But decided one classroom is pretty much the same as another, no matter where it happens to be located. Andrew made his debut as a writer at around the age of seven or eight. He was a voracious reader as a child. He devoured all the books of myths and legends he could get his hands on.

Andrew stumbled across fantasy virtually by accident at around the age of 16, when he picked up a copy of Lord of the Rings at the school library. For about two years he read almost nothing else, but eventually grew out of it. Andrew obtained a degree in Ancient History and English Literature from Monash University. Since the Education Department had paid his way through university, he was obliged to also acquire teaching qualifications and then place himself at their disposal for the next four years.

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