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    Art Of The Infinite: Our Lost Language Of Numbers

    By: Robert Kaplan

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    It is a thing of infinite beauty, wonder and elegance. It holds the key to the mysteries of the universe and is as harmonious as the most powerful music or poetry. So why are so many of us scared of mathematics?

    In 'The Art Of The Infinite' Robert and Ellen Kaplan unlock the secrets of maths - revealing it to be our lost, native language, as much a part of us as the words we use every day. Number and form, they reveal, are the essence of our world: from the patterns of the stars to the pulses of the market, from the beats of our hearts to catching a ball or tying our shoelaces. Drawing on science, literature, history and philosophy, and introducing geniuses from Alcibiades, the enfant terrible of Athens, to Gauss, the Mozart of numbers, this inspiring book makes the mysteries of maths accessible and its rich patterns brilliantly clear.

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