Artemis - Cassette by Julian Stockwin
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102 x 129mm
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2 Cassettes, Abridged.
Read by Jack Davenport.

Sequel to 'Kydd' and second in the exciting naval adventure series following the life of Thomas Paine Kydd at sea.

In the great age of fighting sail, life ranging the seas for prey and prize money in the crack frigate HMS "Artemis" is fast and exciting. It is also a world away from the harsh experience of a man pressed aboard the old ship-of-the-line "Duke William" that was wig-maker Thomas Paine Kydd's brutal introduction to the sea.

Now a true Jack Tar, Kydd sails into Portsmouth Harbour and a hero's welcome after a ferocious battle against the French. However his jubilation is cut short when a family matter threatens to take him from the life he has grown to love; he must return to Guildford.

But the sea beckons irresistibly and Kydd manages to ship out again in his beloved "Artemis" - a voyage that will take him to the fabled East and present him with fierce challenges, both personal and physical. Finally homeward bound, he faces death itself in the cruel waters of the Great Southern Ocean.

'Artemis' is based on dramatic real events and is classic storytelling at its very best - fast-paced and filled with exceptional characters.
Publication Date:
09 / 05 / 2002
102 x 129mm

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