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    By: Steve Cole

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    Captain Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur - he's an astrosaur! On the incredible spaceship DSS Sauropod, along with his faithful crew, Gypsy, Arx and Iggy, Teggs rights wrongs, fights evil and eats a lot of grass! The astrosaurs are called to a bird dinosaurs world where disaster has struck! All the birds keep forgetting how to fly and falling out of the sky. As they are about to hold their High Flapper Trials to choose a new leader, this is terrible news. But then an enormous Quetzalcoatlus appears in the sky and declares that he is standing to become the new leader. Teggs and his crew don't trust him - can they work out what's really going on and help the pterosaurs learn how to fly again?

    Ages: 7-9

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