At The Devil's Table: Inside The Fall Of The Cali Cartel

At The Devil's Table: Inside The Fall Of The Cali Cartel by William Rempel

04 / 02 / 2013
136 x 216 x 27mm

Throughout the eighties and early nineties, the great percentage of the world's cocaine production was handled by two Colombian crime syndicates: the Medelin cartel, run by the ruthless gangster Pablo Escobar, and the Cali cartel, a more sophisticated operation run by the businesslike Orejuela brothers. The two cartels openly waged a bloody gang war until in December 93, Escobar was taken out and the path became clear for Cali to take over the world. Jorge Salcedo, as the Cali cartel's head of security, found himself right at the heart of this new expansion. A former army major, he was tasked with keeping the bosses, and their families, away from harm. But he was also staunchly moral and had always promised himself that he would never kill. It was a line he would never cross. So on the night when a gun was pressed into his hand and an execution order given, he knew his time had come. It was kill or be killed, or, the third and most outlandish way, take the whole operation down. This is the remarkable story of how one man managed to singlehandedly tear down the world's largest and most violent drug empire. It is full of incredible moments, of dawn helicopter raids and billionaires hiding in walls, and the second by second tension as he waits for his bosses to be apprehended. It reads like the best kind of thriller it's pacy, dark, mean and cool u and is one of the best pieces of true crime writing I've had the pleasure to read.
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