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    By: Joseph Ostrom

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    What They Are and How to Read Them

    This is an essential guide to reading, understanding and healing the aura. Auras are layers of energy surrounding the body. This book offers fascinating insight into seeing and interpreting the auras of all living things.

    There is a growing understanding of the concept of energy in the natural world. Together science, metaphysics and mystics are now building up a picture of aura fields and colours. Reading auras can determine physical and emotional strengths, diagnose illness and help us understand our connection with other living things. Looking at the properties and colours of our auric fields, Joseph Ostrom shows us how to read and interpret the aura to create harmony and balance within our lives. This book includes sections on the health aura, the thought-plane aura, the elements present in the auric fields, the aura colours and their significance as well as answering questions such as:
    - what is an aura?
    - what does the aura look like?
    - how does the eye perceive the aura?

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