Barracuda 945 - CD by Patrick Robinson
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139 x 107mm
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Sleek . . . Silent . . . Deadly . . .

A blood-bath on the streets of the Palestinian quarter of Hebron ends with the mysterious disappearance of Major Ray Kerman, a high-ranking SAS officer. There are no clues, save for the bodies of two SAS sergeants, serving under Major Kerman as advisors to the Israelis, found murdered in the rubble of an Arab house.

In the following months, a series of stunning hits by Hamas terrorists astounds the British and American governments. Lt. Jimmy Ramshawe in the National Security Agency and Admiral Arnold Morgan, the President's National Security Advisor, face the fact that a military genius is behind the Hamas attacks. For them, there is only one suspect: the shadowy figure of Major Kerman who, they believe, has crossed over to the enemy's side.

Military intelligence chiefs in Washington and London fear one thing above all - that the terrorists will somehow acquire a nuclear submarine, capable of causing havoc in the West, standing off any coast it chooses, unseen and unheard, firing lethally accurate cruise missiles from under the ocean's surface. Kerman persuades his backers in Syria, Iran and China to finance and carry out this deadly plan.

'Barracuda 945' is the Russian-built submarine he chooses. In partnership with Captain Ben Badr of the Iranian Navy, he sets sail across the Pacific in the deep narrow north. Together, they inflict chaos on America's West Coast in a series of devastating attacks on the oil supply lines from Alaska.

As the Pentagon stands apparently helpless in the face of an enemy they cannot see, an enemy silent and hidden in thousands of square miles of ocean, Admiral Morgan plans a massive US revenge . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2003
139 x 107mm

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