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    Becoming A Tiger: How Baby Animals Learn To Live In The Wild

    By: Susan McCarthy

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    How does a baby animal learn what it needs to know to get around in the world? How much of what animals know is "hardwired" or instinctual, and how much must they learn for themselves?

    In 'Becoming A Tiger', bestselling author Susan McCarthy addresses these compelling and important questions, presenting fascinating examples of animal behaviour - in the laboratory, in controlled "natural" settings, and in the wild. McCarthy shows us how baby animals are transformed from cuddly kittens, bit-footed cubs, or scrawny chicks to efficient predatory, successful foragers, or deft nest-builders. From mice to geese, dolphins to orangutans, bats to (of course) tigers, McCarthy's warm, informative, and insightful examination of animal minds and development provides a valuable window into the mysterious world of our fine fuzzy, furred, finned, and feathered friends.

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