Brave New You by Cory Allen

Cory Allen

Cory Allen, the extraordinarily engaging host of the podcast The Astral Hustle, offers a bracingly fresh, intensively research-based toolkit for taking charge of your life.

Are you living up to your full potential? Do you feel like you're drifting? Do you believe your life could be bigger and better?

Cory Allen, host of the podcast The Astral Hustle, knows his listeners are asking themselves these questions - because they tell him so on social media. To write this book, he has mined a rich vein of Instagram analytics, tracking posts in fine detail to discover what you most desire to learn, where you most want support and the best way to give you what you need. The result is a highly intentional and vividly engaging collection of proven teachings that will turn your goals into your reality. Think The Greatness Mindset meets How to Do the Work - with a dash of Lighter added.

With Cory as your guide, you'll learn-

the importance and power of mindset
how to release habits of negative thinking
ways to look at your life with fresh eyes and reassess what you thought was possible
smart strategies to infuse your life with meaning and purpose

You will develop a deep trust in your own intuition, find unshakable confidence to face whatever comes your way and discover how to build a greater life than you ever thought possible.

Brave New You is scheduled to be released in 28 days.

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