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    By: George Zebrowski

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    High crimes call for high punishment.
    It is the twenty-first century. Convicts are sentenced to asteroids that move
    in ever-widening solar orbits, timed to return then their terms run out. But
    a few ambitious administrators discover that small "errors" in velocity
    can rid them of selected groups altogether: the hardcore violent, the mentally
    defective, and especially the political dissidents. Enduring the black vise
    of interstellar space-time, these human rejects - men and women mixed together
    - create their own Darwinian societies, struggling to survive.

    Back on Earth, a handful of sympathetic and curious scientists have not forgotten
    these lost citizens. When a technological breakthrough makes it possible to
    overtake these scattered asteroids, a courageous team sets out to go where none
    has willingly gone before. What they discover in these "brute orbits"
    is both provocative and moving - a startling vision of humanity you will never

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