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    By: Unknown

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    A fun Fifi and the Flowertots (the new character from the creator of Bob the Builder) read-to-me story, with photos from the TV series on 5 and a scented cover!

    Fifi is an utterly adorable flowergirl and lives in her very own flowertot garden with all her flowertot friends. She loves to watch things grow and play in her garden, the only problem is, Fifi is very forgetful! Join Fifi in the Flowertot garden. Meet her friends, Primrose, Violet and Bumble and read along as she gets into another funny adventure!

    The cover of the book is also scented and there's a fun activity to complete at the end of the book! Bumble can be a bit of a clumsy flier for a bee while ace pilot Stingo thinks he is the fastest flier in the Flowertot garden. Stingo challenges Bumble to a race around the garden with Bumble's best honey and a pile of buns as the prize. As always, Stingo cheats but loses anyway leaving Bumble victorious with a whole pile of honey buns as his prize.

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