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    But Wait... There's More!

    By: Remy Stern

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    BUT WAIT ... THERE'S MORE! is the first book to chronicle the enormous business that markets the world's most outrageous products using the most outrageous tactics. Sad D-list celebs who sell themselves to pitch vacuum cleaners on late-night TV! Ex-cons who will do and say anything to sell you their wares! Results guaranteed -- or your money back! But wait! There's more! Not only is the infomercial industry outrageous beyond all belief‚ it mirrors American culture today: our rampant consumerism‚ our love of get-rich-quick schemes‚ our willingness to be suckered‚ and much more.

    Who hasn't been tempted by one of Ron Popeil's innumerable gadgets or been curious to see if they really can make thousands of dollars per week from real estate--with no money down? Journalist Remy Stern takes readers inside the world behind the one they see on their TV‚ reveals the fascinating techniques they use to vacuum the money out of your pocket‚ interviews all the key figures‚ and shows us what this delightfully seamy underbelly shows us about our culture today.

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