Capturing Space by Marta Serrats
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277 x 241mm

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Take a look at your house, and this time - look up. Chances are, there's a lot of untapped potential up there at the top of your home, underused space that could be better utilised with just a little inspiration. Take your inspiration, then, from 'Capturing Space' which features dozens of examples of renovation, conversion and construction projects that turn open spaces at the top of the house toward other uses – cozy conservatories, guest rooms, meditative studios, or additional storage. Whether you're tackling a modest project like redecorating your attic, or an ambitious one like construction an additional floor, Capturing Space will provide endless ideas for you and your home.

In this book we exhibit split-level floor plans, attic apartments that rise up to capture light, penthouse loft spaces whose structure adapts to the irregular shape of the roof thus affording unique interiors, and even transportable buildings that hint at the mobile residence of the future. These are some of the examples to be contemplated here, which reflect the new urbanness of interiors at a micro level. Here, it is manifest how design is able to capture space so as to grant a personalised, functional and aesthetically pleasing interior.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2004
277 x 241mm

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