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    By: James Macritchie

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    An Introduction to the Art of Cultivating Your Energy.

    With contributions from 20 of the world's most eminent practitioners, this is a unique, illustrated, inspiring and practical guide to Chi Kung - the art of cultivating energy for health and well being.

    This introductory guide to Chi Kung, the popular Chinese martial art, covers a broad range of Chi Kung practice, ideas about Chi Kung, and ways of using Chi Kung to improve your life and health. Fully illustrated with step by step guidance and using experienced chi kung practitioners as models, this book makes Chi Kung practice clear and relevant for the reader - showing how energy is part of each of our lives.

    Chi Kung practice is introduced in three main parts:
    - Simple beginners practice - including breathing, becoming aware of your energy, becoming aware of your movement.
    - Learning to use Chi Kung - and work with related concepts such as meridians and the 12 Chi Kung points.
    - Ways of using Chi Kung in everyday life - at work, during sleep, for babies and children, for the elderly, with your partner.

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