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    Churches: Explore The Symbols, Learn The Language Of Architecture, And Discover The History Of Churches

    By: Timothy Brittain-Catlin

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    Churches and cathedrals, built to be intentionally imposing and dignified, contain a wealth of fascinating architectural detail and symbols to interpret. They reflect a magnificent vista of history across the centuries, and are an important part of our cultural make–up. Step inside a church and explore the extraordinary richness and diversity of the features that are in every church and cathedral, learn what they mean, and understand their significance to the building as a whole.

    Also explaining how to distinguish between Norman, gothic or classical style buildings, and relating influences on church architecture over time, the text gives a full picture of the history, architecture, meanings and messages of these important buildings.

    Take a tour of the tiny parish church or great cathedral and appreciate the layout and main features of the inside, as well as the design of the exterior. Become fluent in the language of churches and appreciate their beauty, variety and splendour in a new way. Wherever you go with this book in your hand, you will soon discover that there is always a great deal more to a church than just a building.

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