Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals by David Barnes & Basir Sakandar
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The essential guide for understanding Ethernet switched networks *Understand various Ethernet technologies from 10BASE-T to Gigabit Ethernet *Learn about common switching modes, paths, and architectures *Delve into the Cisco Catalyst switch architecture and examine the various Catalyst switch models, including the 6000/6500, 4500, and 3750 *Become familiar with VLAN concepts, including types of trunks, VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP), and private VLANs *Understand Multilayer Switching (MLS) and the various hardware components that make MLS work *Learn how to configure Cisco Catalyst switches in both native and hybrid mode *Implement QoS on Cisco Catalyst switches *Deploy multicast features and protocols, including PIM, IGMP snooping, and CGMP *Utilize data link layer features such as BPDU Guard, BPDU Filter, Root Guard, Loop Guard, RSTP, and MST *Evaluate design and configuration best practices *Learn how to manage LANs and troubleshoot common problems Local-area networks (LANs) are becoming increasingly congested and overburdened because of a dramatic increase in traffic, faster CPUs and operating systems, and more network-intensive applications. Many organizations that use network and computing technology use LAN switching to take advantage of high-speed traffic forwarding and improved performance of traditional Ethernet technologies that don't require costly wiring upgrades or time-consuming host reconfiguration. Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals provides administrators of campus networks with the most up-to-date introduction to LAN switching within a traditional Ethernet environment. Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals presents an in-depth look at modern campus network requirements. It provides an easy-to-understand introduction to LAN switching best practices using Cisco Catalyst switches. This book provides you with a wealth of details on the architecture, operation, and configuration of the Cisco Catalyst family of switches. You learn about a wide range of topics.
Publication Date:
03 / 08 / 2009

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