Collins Discovery World Atlas

Collins Discovery World Atlas by Unknown
By: Unknown
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226 x 312mm

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A new general reference atlas in the exciting new Collins range. This atlas provides a comprehensive and topical view of today's world, allowing the user to discover the world through highly detailed reference maps, beautifully illustrated thematic spreads and thousands of detailed world and continental statistics.

This new general reference atlas in the popular Collins range provides a comprehensive picture of today's world and major global issues. It is created in the distinctive and dynamic new Collins style established by the award-winning Collins New World Atlas.

92 pages of highly accurate and up-to-date reference maps are presented in the beautiful new full-page Collins map style. They provide detailed and balanced coverage of the whole world.

26 highly illustrative world and continental thematic spreads complement the reference maps and provide detailed information on, and interpretations of, major geographical themes and global issues. Vast amounts of geographical information is presented through maps, satellite images, photographs, statistics and graphics. Topics include climate and climate change, the oceans, world population, major environmental change, the world economy, poverty and debt, global health issues, and the growth in telecommunications. The illustrated spreads are backed up by detailed world and country-by-country statistics on key socio-economic indicators.

New Internet links to the most appropriate websites provide opportunities to investigate issues further, and cross-referencing between thematic pages allow all aspects of topics to be discovered. The comprehensive index contains over 50,000 place names and includes special gazetteer-style entries which provide key facts about selected places and geographical features around the world.
Publication Date:
29 / 09 / 2004
226 x 312mm

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