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    By: Various

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    Third Edition.

    Why trawl the Internet when you can have to hand this quick-reference guide to thousands of difficult-to-remember or -find facts? It's easy to conceal in your pocket while wowing friends with your anally-retentive knowledge. Ideal for pub quizzes and wannabe "Millionaires".

    Do you know who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995? What is the capital of the Netherlands Antilles? When was the telescope invented? What is ailurophobia? Which countries are members of OPEC? Whose saint's day is 11 February?

    The answers to these and many thousands of other questions, whether from the worlds of politics, history, geography, religion, science, the arts, language or sport, can be found in this fully revised edition of this bestselling Gem.

    A special feature of this edition is the greatly enhanced section on sports data, while all other sections of the book are thoroughly revised. Now with a new attractive two-colour design, this is the only quick-reference general-knowledge guide you will need.

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