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    Collins Gem: Measurements And Conversions

    By: Various

    Date Released

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    A unique guide to metric, imperial and everyday measures, complete with comprehensive conversion tables. This brand new 'Collins Gem' includes measurements of length, area, volume, weight, energy, temperature, time, geometry and speed, complete with an alphabetical listing of measurements.

    Measurements are used to help establish the size of something, to answer such questions as "How heavy?", "How long?" or "How far away?" Many standards of measurements have been developed, and to these this 'Collins Gem' provides a useful guide. We use many measures to help define length, area, volume, weight, energy, temperature, time and speed: all these subjects are covered.

    - Over 120 conversion tables are included, along with guidance both on quick and accurate conversions between different measurement systems
    - A wide range of practical measures are also included, such as clothing sizes, paper sizes and time zones
    - Whether you wish to know about a joule or a chain, an elephant or a grain, this Collins Gem should measure up to your needs

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