Collins Need to Know?: Downloading - How To Get Anything Off The Internet And On To Your Computer

Collins Need to Know?: Downloading - How To Get Anything Off The Internet And On To Your Computer by Unknown
By: Unknown
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148 x 210mm

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Downloading was once the future of entertainment, now it is the present. 'Collins Need to Know? Downloading' is a clear and comprehensive guide to the way the world now buys and listens to music. It is also an indispensable guide to downloading and accessing all other forms of media. In the near future we will all need to know how to download, and this book provides all the essential information needed to begin.

The book begins with an introduction to the world of downloading, not just music but also ringtones for your mobile phone, data at work, software, books and the increasingly common movie downloading. As music is currently the most popular media to be downloaded, it is of course covered in detail in the 'Collins Need to Know? Downloading'. It includes choosing and shopping at various legal music download sites as well as choosing and using MP3 players to suit every need. However, since we now download via our computers, mobile and land telephones and televisions as well as through dedicated devices such as MP3 players or PDAs, the 'Need to Know? Downloading' covers every form of electronic accessing media. There are details of different media players, useful short cuts and web sites to aid you in your downloading and numerous expert directions for each dedicated form of download.

Using clear pictorial examples and instructions 'Collins Need to Know? Downloading' explains how to search for and download songs from online music stores, understand legal issues, connect and share your player, organize your tunes, play music, synchronize the player, copy files and preview music tracks. It goes on to look at advance uses of players covering areas such as data storage and how to podcast. A comprehensive list of useful download sites and resources is included along with a full and clear glossary explaining the terms that we will need to understand if we are to enjoy the future of entertainment.
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 2006
148 x 210mm

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