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    Collins Need to Know?: Weather Watching

    By: Patrick Hook

    Date Released

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    This very practical beginner’s guide to weather watching offers a lot of valuable advice and insider tips on what to do in the event of a hurricane warning, how to predict unusual and extreme events, where to go to make the best observations for DIY forecasts and tips on recognising unusual and extreme events. A general introduction covers the ice ages, old sayings for predicting the weather, the weather system and how it works and the make-up of the atmosphere. It also gives an overview of weather around the world – seasons and climates, including poles, tropics, sub-tropics, temperate, deserts and arid, semi-arid, Mediterranean, northern, montane and coastal regions.

    Contents include:

    • Winds – what causes them, their significance to weather systems, tropical storms, hurricanes, tornados etc
    • Clouds – what they are, how they form, and how you can forecast the weather based on cloud observations
    • Precipitation – rain, freezing rain, hail, sleet, snow, floods, flash floods, monsoons; modelling and predicting severe storms
    • Fog – the different kinds and the primary processes that produce fog. Also what causes smog and what is being done to improve air quality and reduce smog
    • Unusual & Extreme Events – from rainbows to earthquake-induced events; extremes of weather including drought and dust bowls, major floods, sand storms and world records
    • Forecasting & Prediction – an introduction to modern weather forecasting, and how to understand the measurements and symbols used in weather reporting
    • Mankind & The Weather – Pollution, acid rain, the ozone layers, recent events, the greenhouse effect and its effects on health and the economy, climate change and global warming, deforestation; also how we can use the weather – wind power, tidal power, hydroelectric schemes and solar power

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