Collins Observing The Moon: A Day-By-Day Lunar Guide

Collins Observing The Moon: A Day-By-Day Lunar Guide by J S Folkes
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48 x 210mm

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A handy book offering a unique approach to help amateur observers identify the different features visible on the moon.

This fascinating guide gives you everything you need to know, from the equipment needed to view the moon most effectively to the positions of the moon each month for the next five years.

Telescopic equipment can be complex and expensive and the first section helps people to choose what is best suited for their needs.

The second chapter follows the moon through its monthly cycle and shows what lunar features are in view on each day of the month. Accompanying this are minutely detailed illustrations showing the features exactly as they appear through binoculars or a telescope.

Due to dust in the atmosphere and the reflection of light photographs never give a true representation of the moon. There is a commentary on these features pointing out what is most interesting about each.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2003
48 x 210mm

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