Collins Practical Gardener: Wild Garden

Collins Practical Gardener: Wild Garden by Jenny Hendy
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244 x 189mm
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Full of advice and clear instructions, 'Collins Practical Gardener: Wild Gardens' is the most comprehensive guide to creating a wild garden.

One of the latest titles in the successful 'Practical Gardener' series, 'Wild Gardens' will teach you the skills, techniques and planning needed in creating the perfect wild garden. 'Wild Gardens' explores a range of planting options and combinations, from wild flower favourites such as poppies, daisies and cornflowers to rambling climbers like honeysuckle and clematis.

Covering many varieties of grasses and prairie plants, 'Wild Gardens' also details an assortment of styles and garden themes to choose from, including the planting of bluebells, ferns and snowdrops to achieve a pastoral woodland look. Useful information on matching plants to wildlife is also included, directing the gardener towards high pollinating plants for attracting butterflies, as well as outlining handy tips for dealing with pests, diseases and other plant viruses. Every alphabetically listed genera is supplied with background information, planting suggestions, illustrations and a visual chart providing details on the specific needs and qualities of each plant. Also included is a handy, quick reference care and troubleshooting chart enabling you to identify, diagnose and remedy plant problems from their symptoms.

Packed full with information and great ideas, 'Wild Gardens' is an invaluable addition to the 'Collins Practical Gardener' series and is one of the most attractive and useful guides of its kind.
Publication Date:
27 / 07 / 2005
244 x 189mm

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