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    By: John Abernethy

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    When the time comes to find names for their children‚ Scots can call on a rich stock of colourful and romantic names. However‚ the influence of Scottish names goes far beyond the country itself. Over the centuries millions of Scots have left their homeland to find fame and fortune‚ and they have taken their Scottish names with them‚ so giving the world MacDonald's restaurants‚ Campbell's soup‚ and Ross from Friends.

    This entertaining and informative book explains the origins and meanings of first names and surnames that are either unique to Scotland or particularly associated with the country.

    In the course of tracing the histories of Bruce‚ Cameron‚ Campbell‚ Isla‚ Gordon‚ Murray‚ Stewart‚ and others‚ the author uncovers some fascinating facts about the Scottish people and their culture.

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