Complete Smart Series Grammar & Vocabulary Primary 4

Complete Smart Series Grammar & Vocabulary Primary 4 by Various


This book is targeted at learners interested in learning English grammar at the middle elementary level. It can be used as a basic course and as supplementary material for teaching and learning. Learners may choose to use this book with or without the guidance of instructors.

There are a total of 21 units relevant to this level of learning. There are summarized instructional notes at the beginning of each unit. The notes function as a review guide. There are interesting illustrations to illustrate grammar and examples of grammatical applications

Within, learners will see that each unit is accompanied by exercises tailored to teach or to emphasize a specific teaching point. The exercises are written in different formats to exercise the mind and to fine-tune understanding of the grammatical concepts. In this book, a combination of free-response questions and cloze passages are written. As grammar forms an integral part in the learning of the English language, it is therefore, strongly recommended that learners do all the exercises to familiarize themselves with each grammatical unit.

The Vocabulary section consists of 10 units that cover all the different aspects of vocabulary that may be tested in the examination, and exercises that engage the thinking abilities of learners.

Words for the Week of each unit is specially designed to acquaint learners with new words and their meanings and strives to expand their vocabulary. Using the New Words helps learners to see how these new words are used in sentences. These two sections complement each other. Parental guidance is strongly encouraged so that the learner can receive additional encouragement to learn new words. Learners should start using the dictionary to help them.

Words Often Confused helps learners to distinguish between words that look quite similar but have different meanings. Word Expansion seeks to familiarise learners with the root word and words expanded from that root word so that they can quickly decipher their related meanings. This is yet another effective method of increasing the learner’s vocabulary range based on word association.

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