Cowpuppy by Gregory Berns


The bestselling author of How Dogs Love Us stumbles onto a special friendship with a cow named BB and sets out to crack the code of communicating with this most common but much misunderstood animal.

Gregory Berns is a leading neuroscientist who has extensively studied dogs and how they think. But when he and his wife bought a small farm in rural Georgia and populated it with a handful of cows they couldn't imagine how their lives would be transformed. As he gets to know his herd, Berns' affection for them grows, along with his curiosity.

He applies his scientific eye to the cognitive and emotional lives of his cows. His cows turn out to have impressive memories, to be capable of forming lasting bonds with people, and to be highly attuned to our feelings.

Gregory Berns is a natural storyteller. He falls in love with his cows, and they fall in love with him. In particular, he forms a special bond with BB, his cowpuppy.

This hugely readable memoir blends fascinating scientific explanations of animal behaviour with a candid, moving, and sometimes hilarious account of the lives of cows.
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