Create Kemonomimi Characters for Cosplay, Anime & Manga

Create Kemonomimi Characters for Cosplay, Anime & Manga by Shugao

191 x 254mm

Learn to create amazing kemonomimi with authentic animal features and accessories!Long, swishing tails and pointy animal ears or maybe antlers, horns, wings and feathers if you prefer — this is the ultimate furry handbook for manga and anime artists as well as cosplay enthusiasts. Choose your favourite animal then fuse its salient features with a fabulous human form and animal-specific clothing.Shugao shows you how! She teaches you to combine authentic animal details with original fashions to create new and exciting characters. And she provides hundreds of amazing examples, including:A hip-hop horse hybrid with a puffy coat, tousled mane and horseshoes on her sneakersA Goth Dobermann girl draped in black satin with a punk hairdo and dog muzzleA conjurer crow with a feathery cloak, magic staff and spur-like talons on her bootsA cool cowgirl with a lasso tail and ten-gallon hat that sits atop her hornsA Lolita steampunk batwoman with furry winged cape and lacy black parasolAnd hundreds more!Whether you're inspired by furry characters or looking for a way to draw authentic kemonomimi, this is the book you have to get!
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