Creating Garden Ponds And Water Features

Creating Garden Ponds And Water Features by Debbie Roberts & Ian Smith
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189 x 246mm

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Inspiring and Stylish, Practical and Achievable.

This book is a highly illustrated, instructional yet inspirational guide to successfully introducing water into your garden.

The first section provides sources of inspiration and looks at all the design aspects you need to consider, from siting a pond to selecting the most appropriate water feature for your garden. The second section contains all the practical information necessary to construct a garden pond or water feature, and features numerous step-by-step illustrations showing how to install them safely and efficiently.

A unique aspect of the book is the way in which the authors explore the thinking behind existing water gardens and show how they can be reworked to create a variety of completely new designs. A special feature of the book is how to construct a wildlife pond and attract a variety of wildlife into your garden. Essential information is included on buying and selecting suitable plants to create the right setting for your pond or water feature. Photographic glossaries help you to choose the best plants and fish with expert advice on how to keep fish healthy.

Finally, there is in-depth information on pond management, ranging from maintaining water quality and pond plants to pond structure and equipment. There is also a useful maintenance table to remind you of the essential tasks for each season.

Whether you have a patio, small city courtyard, or a larger suburban plot, you will find the right water garden design for you.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2001
189 x 246mm

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