Creating Property Wealth In Any Market: How To Build A High Performance Property Protfolio

Creating Property Wealth In Any Market: How To Build A High Performance Property Protfolio by Philippe Brach

209 x 139 x 14mm

Creating lasting wealth through investing in real estate is every investor’s dream. But if it’s such a proven pathway from rags to riches, why doesn’t everyone invest? Why doesn’t every investor make money out of property? How can you tell the difference between a ‘good’ property and a ‘bad’ one – and how can you avoid making profit-crunching mistakes that can rob you of a wealthy retirement? 

Throughout his experience, Philippe has discovered that the secret to making money as investor is really quite simple: there is no secret! What there is, however, is a straightforward process that any investor can follow, to build a profitable property portfolio that generates long-term wealth. In this book, Philippe explains the four simple stages of property success – planning, acquisition, transition and drawdown – and shares the pitfalls you need to be aware of in order to move forward and maximise your wealth.

From mastering your budget and getting a financial education, to defining your investment strategy, designing your ultimate property portfolio and finding proven property performers to grow your wealth, Philippe leaves no stone unturned.

 Interwoven with personal stories of real client successes and setbacks, it’s an inspiring read that has been broken down into simple steps that almost anyone can follow along. For readers who are looking to create lasting property wealth in any market, and for those who want to learn the exact strategies and processes Philippe has personally used to create independent wealth, then this book is an absolute must-read!

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