Debrett's Correct Form

Debrett's Correct Form by Various
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Standard Styles of Address for Everyone from Peers to Presidents.

The British system of titles and forms of address is notoriously complex and a minefield for the uninitiated. The role of this book is to explain proper forms of address for all kinds of social and business situations and across a spectrum of people from peers to presidents.

There is advice on how to address members of the Royal Family, church, armed forces, academic, medical and legal professions, and on more arcane matters such as precedence.

Even to those already familiar with the how-to and how-not-to, forms of address modify as social customs alter. For instance, the more modern trend of women choosing to use their maiden name or a professional name.

This and more changes are reflected in this comprehensively updated edition of 'Correct Form', compiled by the editors of Debrett's, chroniclers of the great and the good since 1769. Debrett's are the observers of the ever-changing British system of titles, forms of address and protocol and are experts at producing the authoritative guide to present-day social customs.

The book includes information on:
- Formal and informal letters
- Precedence
- Wedding invitations
- The Peerage
- The Royal Family
- Official and social occasions
Publication Date:
12 / 12 / 2002
128 x 198mm

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