Declutter by Debora Robertson

160 x 198mm

Bursting with practical and relatable advice, this book injects enthusiasm, energy and some much-needed

humour into the essential task of de-cluttering. Forget the holier-than-thou approach promising a whole

new you if you alphabetise your sock drawer - this is decluttering for real people, with real lives. With

a refreshingly honest approach, Debora tackles the best ways to deal with domestic dilemmas, cluttered

kitchens and crowded cupboards. She includes handy tips and tricks for the average time-poor person. Tasks are broken down into achievable goals and 'quick fixes', allowing even the busiest of people to create, maintain and achieve a tidy home. And it's not just the home she tackles. Debora helps you banish anxiety and kick-start

productivity with '10 de-cluttering commandments' and includes honest advice on how to conquer the

fear of change. The busy writer, who has transformed her own cluttered home and mind using these

techniques, also explores how best to unclutter your virtual world, from managing social media accounts to

balancing email mailing lists.

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