Disney: The Art Of Anastasia by Various
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A tribute to Fox Animation Studio's feature-length animated film debut, 'The Art of Anastasia' provides an inside look at the spectacular artwork of "Anastasia".

From the phone call that started it all to the mastery of the latest computer-animation and 3-D technology to the use of CinemaScope in an animated feature, 'The Art of Anastasia' illuminates the creative process behind one of the most anticipated motion pictures in years.

Loosely based on the enduring myth of the possible survivor of the Russian royal family, "Anastasia" tells the tale of a young orphan girl named Anya and her quest to uncover her past. Possessing only a locket with the inscription "Together in Paris" to guide her, Anya sets off on a journey that leads her through an exciting adventure in the hope of finding her real home. She meets a lovable dog named Pooka and a young Russian con artist, Dimitri, and his bankrupt aristocratic friend, Vladimir. Accompanied by these newfound friends, she travels from St. Petersburg to Paris to meet the Dowager Empress Marie and to find out if she is a real Romanov.

'The Art of Anastasia' takes a peek behind the scenes at the history and artistry of the film. Interviews with the producers, directors, key members of the development team, the composer, lyricist, artists, and animators are augmented with the history and the myth surrounding the real Romanov family as well as the history of the film's artistic influences, story development, and technology. In addition, with insight into how Fox Animation Studios began and evolved into an international crew of professional artists representing fourteen different countries, 'The Art of Anastasia' recounts the parallel journey of a young animation studio creating its first feature film.

Showcasing stunning conceptual artwork, original character designs, animation art, story sketches, layout design, coloured backgrounds, special effects, and state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery, 'The Art of Anastasia' revels in the beauty and power of images.

A celebration of the art and artistry of this peerless film, 'The Art of Anastasia' is a beautiful keepsake for animation and "Anastasia" fans the world over.
Publication Date:
04 / 11 / 1999
264 x 334mm

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