Do You Come Here Often?

Do You Come Here Often? by Tracey Turner
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Other Titles by Tracey Turner

A Failure's Guide To Flirting.

Flirting's a nasty business. Most of us get it pretty wrong. For one thing, there are all those things you need to do simultaneously: smiling, talking, eating, drooling . . . You have to pretend you're a much nicer person than you actually are, attempt to take an interest in what the other person is saying and work out if they actually fancy you all at the same time. That's more than most normal brains can cope with. Feel like a failure? You are. But take heart, because you're not alone. And fortunately for you, the world's best failure in flirting has chosen to write a book on the subject.

Gleaned from years of experience (experience of rejection) and a lifetime's romantic failure, this book will show you just how bad flirting can get - and how to avoid making the same mistakes. You'll get to have a good laugh at someone else's disaster and learn something too. By the time you finish this book, you'll not only feel rather sorry for the author . . . you might even be able to scrape by as one of life's moderate successes.

Your plan for success includes: opening lines - how to strike up a conversation without sounding crummy; body language - avoid triping up over your own feet; flirts observed - who gets it right and who gets it wrong; the rules - is there a science to flirting?; appearance - don't kid yourself, it matters - what to wear and what to avoid; flirting disasters - watch our author in action . . . and heading for disaster.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2004

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