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    By: Nikki Moustaki

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    You're shamelessly in love with your dog. And his adoration for you would eclipse the moon. But is love all there is to your relationship? When you come home to find the trash can toppled and a few "surprises" on your rug, what then? Behind your best friend's doting gaze, ever wonder what's he's really thinking?

    Here's your chance to find out. Based on the website www.dogfessions.com, this full color collection contains hundreds of handmade postcards that reveal the deepest confessions from dogs and their owners. From unabashed admissions ("Yes, I made that puddle 5 minutes ago") to thoughtful revelations ("I think I kiss the dogs more than I kiss my husband") to self-affirmations ("I do this deliberately to look cute"), you'll steal a glimpse into the lives of dogs and their dearest devotees.

    Brought to life with photographs, illustrations, and collages, each Dogfession is uniquely hilarious, bittersweet, oddly random, heartfelt, or outrageously silly. All together, they are addictively compelling and compulsively readable. But don't say we didn't warn you: If you have a soft spot for dogs and secrets, you'll sit, stay, and roll over for this irresistible book!

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