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    Drawing On The Artist Within

    By: Betty Edwards

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    How To Release Your Hidden Creativity

    Here, Betty Edwards expands the ideas of her first book, 'Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain' - that anyone can learn to draw - and focuses on how you can enhance your artistic self-expression. Basing her work on the latest research in dual brain function, she shows how you can:

    - stimulate your ability to think creatively
    - sharpen your powers of perception and bring imagination into your everyday life
    - see aspects of yourself and your personal and business relationships as you have never seen them before
    - bring new, more effective skills to your problem-solving.

    Profusely illustrated with instructional drawings and the works of major artists, this book is both an inspiration and a practical guide for everyone, which shows you how to release your true creative potential in all areas of your life.

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