Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide

Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide by Wai Hon Chu & Connie Lovatt
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201 x 254mm
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The appeal of a dumpling is undeniable. These tempting, tiny morsels are homemade, handmade, use readily-available ingredients, come in every shape and size, and use cost-effective cooking methods. Dumplings remain within traditions and kitchens because they are not only simple to make, but they can be eloquent and evocative at the same time.

THE DUMPLING brings the international family of dumplings (filled AND unfilled) sharply into focus. Time-honored dumpling recipes tell the story of a familiar yet overlooked cooking technique shared around the world. This will be the first book to concentrate solely on the astonishing things that happen when wet heat surrounds and cooks an impressive range of doughs and batters. It is all about wet heat!

THE DUMPLING covers the gamut of dumpling possibilities. With clear introductions and instructions for each recipe, Hon Chu will take home cooks from the basics of dumpling making to the creative challenges, introducing simple tips and techniques not found in other cookbooks. Home cooks will be delighted with the range of dumpling possibilities -- from soup dumplings that contain soup on the inside to dumpling shells so translucent that the vegetables stuffed inside glow through, or fluffy, biscuit-like dumplings that are cooked on the surface of a meaty stew to dumplings stuffed with sugar and nuts, steamed on a bed of pine needles. Hon Chu presents these tantalizing recipes alongside easy directions for the traditional favorites - tamales, matzo balls, gnocchi, pot-stickers, and ravioli.
THE DUMPLING contains over 100 dumpling recipes for all seasons of the year and 8-page full color photo insert, as well as handy glossaries, lists, and interesting stories about dumpling lore through the centuries. This groundbreaking cookbook will appeal to all who love to use their hands in the kitchen, those who are looking for healthy eating alternatives that are full of flavor, and to all who simply cherish the comfort and variety of flavors possible in a bite-sized meal.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2009
201 x 254mm

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