Eat Raw: The Simply Uncooked Book

Eat Raw: The Simply Uncooked Book by Lesa Carlson
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From critically acclaimed innovator in the field of "raw" cuisine, Lesa Carlson, a collection of sumptuous but simple raw food menus for morning, noon, and night.

The raw food movement has been growing by leaps and bounds since Regan Books published Juliano's 'Raw: The Uncook Book' in 1998. Today "raw" is the diet du jour among celebrities and others in-the-know. Among nutritionists, raw food has won esteem for its benefits to health, digestion, and weight loss.

Unfortunately, the average person often dismisses "raw" as a diet that's unrealistically high-maintenance and fringe. Now, Lesa Carlson, a gourmet raw chef and busy mom, presents this book of simple, classic, and delicious raw food recipes that anyone can prepare; those on a strict raw diet - nothing cooked above 120 degrees - as well as those who simply want to increase their consumption of fresh, vitamin-packed produce in an easy but innovative way.

'Eat Raw' combines Lesa's philosophy - eat food in its natural form, but make it taste good! - with a collection of recipes organized into simple everyday menus: The AM, Noon, Nibble, PM, the Guest, the Child. Forget the same old salads and smoothies; Carlson uses uncooked ingredients to make pancakes, soups, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, chips, dips and even chocolate cake. This four-colour indispensable guide for every health-conscious kitchen.

Simple, fresh, raw food prepared to taste like home-cooked favourites is the answer for a culture hooked on processed, fattening snacks, and Lesa Carlson is the chef to show us how to make it a reality.
Publication Date:
25 / 08 / 2004

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