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    By: Mark Stevens

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    What They Teach You at Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Training Program.

    Founded during World War Two, Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Training Program (AMP) originally concentrated on how best to utilise the capacities of business and the industrial sector to serve the extraordinary demands of a war time economy. Now, more than fifty years later, this exhausting 10-week boot camp (six days a week, fourteen hours a day) teaches an elite group of business executives how to thrive in the highly combative and competitive global marketplace.

    This book ushers readers into the inner sanctum of the AMP where they will learn substantial management lessons, including:
    - Creating a sustainable competitive advantage
    - Managing for a world of changes yet to come
    - Establishing enduring brand and corporate positioning
    - Negotiating global transactions
    - Mastering conflict in the global arena

    For the first time, the closely guarded secrets of this "Top Gun" management training centre will be available to executives and would-be executives everywhere. Using profiles, interviews and real-life examples, 'Extreme Management' provides an unprecedented opportunity to learn the work models, strategic perspectives and visioning exercises that turn good managers into revolutionary managers.

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