Extreme Rambling

Extreme Rambling by Mark Thomas
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The Israeli security wall is going to be some 700 miles long when completed and will surround most of the West Bank. Seen by some as a cynical land grab and others as an apartheid barrier, opinions on it are hugely divided.

But who are the people who live in the shadow of this wall and how does it affect their lives? Mark Thomas decides to combine his two great loves, walking and talking, and travel the length of the wall in an attempt to understand a bit more about the conflict and its effect on everyday people. Rambling in both senses of the word is a great British tradition and Mark throws himself into both on his extreme journey, trusting in the power of Kendal Mint Cake and the hospitality of strangers.

He is accompanied along his journey by Israelis and Palestinians, ordinary folk who help him on his way, chat and tell their stories, with diversions off-route to see Jewish settlers in dub reggae bands and Palestinian brewers who make Arab beer. And who will hopefully put him up.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2011

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