Fingerprints Of The Gods: The Quest Continues

Fingerprints Of The Gods: The Quest Continues by Graham Hancock

153 x 234mm

A Quest for the Beginning and the End - The Quest Continues.

New Edition with 40,000 world update and 16 pages of new colour photographs.

In a drastic re-evaluation of man's past, using the high-tech tools of modern archaeology, geology and astronomy, Graham Hancock's extraordinary book exposes the eerie network of connections between:

- The Great Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt
- The Andean temples of Tianhuanaco
- The Mexican Pyramids of the Sun and Moon
- The lost continent that lies beneath Antarctica
- Ancient knowledge of spherical geometry and astro-navigation
- The myths and legends of humanity that have remained strangely consistent across geographical and social divides
- New theories about the causes of the ice-ages

His new evidence reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an unknown civilisation that flourished during the last ice-age, but also horrifying conclusions about the type and extent of planetary catastrophe that would have had to occur in order to obliterate almost all traces of it.

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