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    By: Stephen M Pollan & Mark Levine

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    A radical career plan to:
    - Take control of your work life
    - Boost your income
    - Have a job offer always in hand
    - Find happiness outside of the office

    Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine return with a counterintuitive career guide that shows readers how to take control of their work life, protect their stream of income, and free themselves up to seek satisfaction in their personal lives.

    In today's difficult work environment, gone are the days of finding satisfaction through the job, gone is the time when your job was secure, and gone are the days when your employer cared about you. This new environment requires new rules, and Pollan and Levine have provided surprisingly fresh and intriguing methods for finding "success" on the job, looking for new employment, choosing among offers, what to do if you're out of work, finding that first job, or transitioning to a new industry.

    Pollan and Levine's empowering message begins with the idea that an employee must "fire your boss". By this they mean you must no longer rely on your manager or your company for economic security but instead put yourself in charge of your working life. Once you have changed your mindset and learned the new rules of the game, you can start the process of moving to a richer, enriching, and more enjoyable life.

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