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    Fortune Favors The Bold

    By: Lester Thurow

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    Bestselling author and renowned economist lester Thurow argues forcefully that globalisation is not a done deal and we must seize the moment now if we are to create a new global economy in which all can prosper.

    As the world economy leaps national boundaries, its hallmark seems to be a rising instability and a growing inequality between the first and third worlds. Financial crises in the third world come ever more frequently and seem to be ever more severe. The first world economies seem to be in ever more frantic boom and bust cycles. Globalisation causes riots throughout the world and is one factor in the rise of terrorism against the West.

    Thurow shows how some nations, including Ireland and China, have embraced the concept of globalisation and placed themselves into a position to prosper with growing and productive national economies. He contrasts their positive actions with Japan, whose leaders have allowed the nation to drift into stagnation and have destroyed its prosperity. He also provides plenty of ideas for corporations, governments, economists, and citizens to act upon.

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