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    By: J A Mawter

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    The second book in the exciting Freewheelers series that combines adventure and mystery.

    Bryce, Mio, and twins Clem and Darcy are the Freewheelers, and they live to ride. Deciding to enter a Bike Trials competition, to be held at The Peak, they set up a training camp in the disused railway siding not far from The Van. But their world is invaded by a gang of young pick-pockets.

    Mysterious graffiti appears around their neighbourhood, including Bryce's old tag from his wayward days. Bryce denies he's gone back to his old ways, but he comes more and more under suspicion, leading to a rift in the strong friendship uniting the Freewheelers.

    Bryce needs to clear his name and in the process he discovers that the group of street kids live in and around the railway station. He wants to help but the street kids are elusive. The only way to communicate is via 'Graf' - graffiti. Bryce is caught red-handed with a spray paint can and is grounded by his father, putting the whole team in jeopardy for the bike trials.

    Bryce must explain what's going on to put the Freewheelers back on track for the bike trial and help the street kids.

    Ages 10-14

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