Ghostbusters Nerd Search: The Revenge Of Zuul!

Ghostbusters Nerd Search: The Revenge Of Zuul! by Glenn Dakin

216 x 297mm

A puzzle book with a hauntingly good twist. This is no conventional 'search-and-find.' Each of the detailed, full-color pages is packed with out-of-context items and blood-curdling continuity errors that only a true fan can spot.

The demi-god Zuul is taking his revenge on the Ghostbusters by filling this book with terrifying mistakes that could make the dead rise from the grave and result in cats and dogs living together. Who are they gonna call? Well - you! As a Ghostbusters fan, you can stop Zuul meddling with our reality. Also spot the eight parts of the Lost Crown of Zuul and send him back to his dark dimension. He hates that. Finally, find the intruders from other famous movie franchises, from Spider-Man to Men In Black. This is next-level Where's Waldo for adult fans, plus a chance to save the world into the bargain!

Four levels of engagement-
. BLOOPER BUSTERS- SPOT five CONTINUITY ERRORS, e.g. ghosts in the wrong scene.
. ZAP ZUUL!- Find the eight parts of the Lost Crown of Zuul
. FRANCHISE FRENZY- Find the characters and items from other SONY film franchises.
. MISPLACED MOVIE MANIFESTATIONS- Find the characters and items which are in the wrong Ghostbusters movie!

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