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    By: Charles Handy

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    The Changing Work of Organisations.

    The four gods of the title symbolise the very different styles of management and culture to be found in today's organisations. Zeus is the dynamic entrepreneur who rules over companies of the club culture, characterised by speed of decision and rapid, intuitive communication. Apollo, god of order and bureaucracy, is the patron of the role culture, based not on personalities but on definition of the jobs to be done. Athena, goddess of craftsmen, recognises only expertise as the basis of power and influence; hers is the task culture. Dionysus is the god preferred by artists and professionals within the existential culture, people who owe little or no allegiance to a boss.

    Under the witty and sparkling allegory Charles Handy, Britain's foremost business guru, makes a serious analysis of the changing patterns of work and business.

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