Golf My Own Damn Way: Playin' the John Daly Game and Lovin' Life

Golf My Own Damn Way: Playin' the John Daly Game and Lovin' Life by John Daly
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197 x 130mm

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A funny and ribald golf book from the game's most colourful and controversial figure – and least likely guru.

Since his coming–from–nowhere win at the PGA Championship in 1991, John Daly, known affectionately on the PGA tour as the 'Big Un', has enthralled fans with his big drives, bigger personality, and 'grip it and rip it' philosophy of both golf and life. Falstaffian, unpredictable, often seen with a Marlboro hanging from his lip and frequently in the company of his best friend, Jack Daniels, Daly is the unapologetic bad boy of professional golf. 'The only rules I follow,' he likes to say, 'are the rules of golf.'

Daly's last book, My Life in and out of the Rough, was a thrillingly candid memoir of a larger–than–life athlete battling the links, addiction., depression, weight problems, and divorce lawyers. His new book, Grip it and Sip it, will be a ribald version of Harvey Penick's classic Little Red Golf Book, the biggest bestselling instructional book in golf history from one of the game's most distinguished teachers.

From firing wind cheaters under a gale to blasting out of soft sand to bumping and running, from squeezing the most out of 15 minutes of practice time to playing through a hangover, the book will have it all. Daly's wit and wisdom will come from the heart, from the soul – and occasionally from the head.

Daly has never lost track of the fact that golf is a game, and he'll teach you how to cut strokes off your score while reminding you of the game's main purpose: Fun.
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2007
197 x 130mm

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