Gone For Good - CD by Harlan Coben
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145 x 127mm
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Read by Tim Machin.

Do you know the ones you love?

As a boy, Will Klein's hero was his older brother, Ken. Then, on a warm suburban night in the Klein's affluent New Jersey neighbourhood, a young woman is found raped and murdered in her family's basement. The victim: Will's ex-girlfriend Julie Miller. The prime suspect: Ken Klein.

On that same night, with the evidence against him overwhelming, Ken simply vanishes. It seemed that he had gone for good.

Now eleven years have passed. And Will, who always believed in his brother's innocence, has found evidence that Ken is alive. Just as hope flickers on the horizon he is struck by another act of betrayal. For the new woman in his life suddenly disappears, leaving behind evidence that she also was not the person Will knew and loved.

As the lies begin to unravel around him, Will uncovers startling truths about his brother, his lover, and even himself. Someone out there is willing to kill to keep those secrets buried.

With the bestselling 'Tell No One', Harlan Coben has entered the super-league of thriller writers. With 'Gone For Good', he delivers on an even bigger scale. A powerhouse of suspense and a haunting tale of love, 'Gone For Good' is one of those rare thrillers that not only makes the pulse pound, but stirs the heart as well.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2003
145 x 127mm

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