Goodfella Tapes by George Anastasia
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203 x 135mm
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The Mob only spoke in the strictest confidence...and the FBI was listening.
As Mob families go, the Philadelphia Mafia is the most dysfunctional family of all-with brother turning against brother, sons turning on their fathers. In 1993 an embittered legacy of rivalry and hatred exploded into a brutal, bloody battle between old world mobster and the young, flamboyant Joey Merlino. However, this would be warfare different from any other. This time, the FBI had it all down on tape.
Veteran true crime journalist George Anastasia takes readers inside the world of mobsters at war, and FBI agents so close on their heels that they even watched one hit unfold live through a surveillance camera. Drawing on the transcripts themselves, The Goodfella Tapes shows mobsters at their most chilling moments-bragging, lamenting, and marking their comrades for death.
Among the mobsters caught on tape:
John Stanfa the violent, often irrational, paranoid old-school mob don battling a new generation of savage young turks
Rosario Bellocchi the young Sicilian-born hitman in love with his boss's daughter who would do anything to get ahead-even kill his own best friend
John Veasey the five foot, six inch, two hundred pound mad dog hitman who once had to postpone a hit-in order to visit his parole officer
A journalistic account of true events, The Goodfella Tapes draws from four years of investigative work, and over two thousand taped conversations to illuminate the twisting dealings of some of the most vicious mobsters in America.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2010
203 x 135mm

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