Gut Reactions: Everything You Wanted To Know About Digestion

Gut Reactions: Everything You Wanted To Know About Digestion by Joan Sauers & Joanna McMillan Price


Everything you wanted to know about burping, bloating, candida, constipation, food allergies, farting and poo but were too afraid to ask.

This book breaks down the bathroom door on previously taboo subjects from bad breath to flatulence and every other digestive function in between.

- How much fibre is enough?
- Why do I get constipated when I travel?
- Is coffee good or bad for me?
- Why do I need to go to the toilet when I'm nervous?
- Should my poo float or sink?

In frank and clear terms, with just a dash of wit, 'Gut Reactions' provides a simple explanation of how our digestion works, as well as an overview of digestive problems from mild (indigestion) to serious (bowel cancer). It takes a clear-eyed look at the huge variety of treatments for digestive health including diatetics, general practice, traditional Chinese medicine, gastroenterology, naturopathy and meditation.

The book also explores the exciting idea of food as therapy with lots of recommendations on what to eat and what not to eat for various tummy troubles, which is great news for anyone who's ever had a stomach ache.

Illustrated with useful, easy-to-understand diagrams and lists, 'Gut Reactions' contains everything you need to know about looking after your digestive health.

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