He Kills Coppers - Tape

He Kills Coppers - Tape by Jake Arnott
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140 x 105mm
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Jake Arnott's debut novel, 'The Long Firm', dissected the psyche of London in the sixties with fast-paced precision. 'He Kills Coppers' is the dazzling successor!

August 1966 - the long hot summer of World Cup euphoria is abruptly shattered by a brutal crime that shocks a nation seemingly at ease with itself. Three policemen are gunned down in a West London street one sunny afternoon.
Bewilderingly senseless killings that bring an end to victory celebrations and the high sixties of Swinging London. Three characters' fates are irrevocably bound up with this event and its consequences, which reverberate across three decades.

Frank Taylor - an ambitious detective struggling with the conflicts between career and conscience as he is drawn into intrigues of corruption.
Tony Meehan - a gutter press journalist with a nose for a nasty story, using scandal and expose as a cover for his own dark secrets.
Billy Porter - a disaffected petty thief, haunted by a violent past, pushed over the edge to commit the ultimate crime, eulogised by the terrace chant: "Billy Porter is our friend . . . is our friend, is our friend . . . Billy Porter is our friend, he kills coppers!"

This is an epic, gripping and thought-provoking novel that looks at morality and corruption on both sides of the law and at the very heart of the state.
Publication Date:
15 / 07 / 2004
140 x 105mm

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